About Us

PLH Online provides an innovative approach to licensing training and, with over 30 years of hospitality experience, we understand the demands and importance placed on accredited learning.

Our APLH and SCPLH modules host a stimulating variety of interactions, games and activities designed to appeal to all learning styles. The modules can be accessed through all modern browsers, tablet devices and are mobile friendly too.

Developed by the founders of Montpeliers Edinburgh Ltd - an independent operator with extensive knowledge of staff and management training - we recognised that candidates need to be able to meet the expectations of employers by gaining their qualifications in a time-efficient manner. In developing an online solution, we are able to provide an effective alternative to face-to-face licensing training.

In addition to PLH Online licensing training, we also offer a comprehensive portfolio of innovative and engaging online modules that cover both compliance and service lead subjects through our sister company Flow Hospitality Training Ltd.